HELLO! I’M Katie erickson!

I am a freelance illustrator for the world of children. I am also writing stories. If you are an editor or art director and you would like to see my story manuscript and dummies, please let me know - bykatieerickson@gmail.com !


I have always explored the wild places beyond my Midwest borders through books. Even during my career in architecture, my free time was spent in a children's library. Now I gets to pursue my book passion directly through freelance illustration.

When not drawing, painting or taking children’s book courses to further my craft, I am outside making memories with my family and friends or sipping tea by the fireplace while lost ... in a book.

My favorite things to draw give me joy and make me laugh. I hope they make you smile, too!


Katie Erickson Artist Children's Book Illustrator

Katie Erickson Art

Client Work

I have had a variety of commissions from personal clients, as well as a few illustrations in Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill Magazines!

If you have any project in the children's market, whether publishing, editorial or licensing, I would love to hear from you! 

CONTACT: bykatieerickson+art@gmail(dot)com