Katie Erickson Art

Hello! My name is Katie Erickson!

I love to tell stories visually. When I am not illustrating art, I am creating story with my family. Sipping tea and reading books. Enjoying nature and animals. And discovering the story of friends new and old.

I love drawing about the little things that cause me joy and make me laugh. I hope they give you a smile, too!

See, I didn't always know I wanted to be an artist. Apparently, my grandma did though, she still has artwork from when I was two!

It wasn't until someone dear to me opened up her Christmas present, one of the first paintings I had ever done, that I realized it. She started crying. I knew then that that was what I really wanted to do. Make people smile (or cry tears of happiness in this case).

Smiles are joyfully contagious. And we could all use a little more joy spread around, right? I try to do that with my art.