Personal Challenges + Social Media Accountability

If you are on any social media, you have probably come across a personal challenge or two. Instagram is probably the favorite for creatives. And there are many artist specific personal challenge. The #100dayproject, #inktober, #adventchallenge, and so so many others.

They are popular for two reasons, in my opinion - Personal Artistic Growth + Brand Awareness.


As you work through the challenge, you see ideas come to fruition and that feels good. You see likes and that feels good, too! Those feel-goods keep you accountable and prod you to keep going. When you work consistently as a creative, you see exponential growth. If you compare you work on day 1 to the last day, you will typically see, CLEAR DEFINITE OBSERVABLE PROGRESS! That is a total win! Granted, you get out what you put in. (So don’t go halfway if you want results.)

But it isn’t all feel goods. It is work. Hard work.

At the beginning, you are all hyped on the newness and work with fervor. But a little ways in, you start to lose steam. You run out of ideas! You fear your brain is cooked and your career over before it started!

When you push through that tough spot though, you get new, better ideas. Hurray! That is not to say that you will love all your work. Hardly. Speaking for artists, I don’t know a single one that loves every piece they’ve made.

If nothing else, keep this in mind - Progress not Perfection! Finished, not perfect!

A few other tips to think about BEFORE you start your challenge are:

  1. Make sure to choose a topic you will enjoy, that you really geek out about!  
  2. Have a realistic time limit!
  3. Keep it focused. Boundaries are good!   
Katie Erickson Illustrated Recipes

During the month of January, I focused mainly on cooking healthy and illustrating healthy cooking. I even was able to get a couple recipes up on To Draw and Cook. (A website dedicated to illustrated recipes. Click here to see them!)

I also wanted to practice my hand-lettering, too! Bonus!

I'm working on my next personal challenge. It's not quite tagged yet, but I'm thinking on it!

What are your goals? Is there a personal challenge you can join to keep you accountable? If you'd like to follow along and keep me accountable, check out my Instagram!