My Christmas Parade

December art challenges are one of my favorite ways to end the year, and I was trying to figure out why. I have done art challenges before - #the100dayproject #365drawings #inktober etc... But none of them specifically inspired me. I've even done other Christmas specific art challenges #doodleadaydec.

I realized that I really don't love following someone else's prompts unless I really made it my own. And then I felt bad for not following their idea and using their hashtag, so I stopped doing that. And just did my own thing. 

My own thing this December was that I wanted to draw a parade of animals and kids. I was chatting with a friend who gave me the idea of the parade heading toward a tree. Which led me to think about the presents they would bring and the manner of their arrival. It was fun coming up with different characters every day traveling to the same destination.

You can check out my Instagram feed if you want to see them. Some were more successful than others. And some I just downright dislike. I will be removing those soon, so hurry if you care. ;) Anyways, here is the completed Christmas Parade. I hope you enjoy it! 

by Katie Erickson Christmas Parade illo_advent