How to Get Un-Stuck and face that Scary Blank White Paper

Do you ever get stuck staring at a big white canvas? Or maybe it’s that pile of laundry staring at you and you just can’t find the motivation to get moving on it?

3 Favorite Artistic Podcasts

My favorite go-to and also NEVER FAILS to get my butt in gear is listening to something. For some people that’s music. Music works for me only in little bursts. I feel like the only person on earth that actually enjoys silence, so what works for me is listening to people talk - podcasts or youtube vids or audio books from my library! I will even put on a movie and just not watch it.

It helps me Every. Single. Time.

I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites.



I don’t want to overwhelm so those are just a few, but typically, especially youtube can be a rabbit hole. Once you get started, you click on a recommended video and then another and another and soon you’ve found something you never EVER would’ve looked up on your own that’s just amazing.

Actually that’s how I found Art for your Ear. I have NO IDEA why I had not heard or listened to this podcast given how popular it is and how long it’s been running, but I’ve only recently started listening to this one. She has a current summer series going on, that I cannot wait to jump in and join.

Please email me with any podcast you think I HAVE to listen to! (artspreadsjoy at gmail). Until next time!